Goes So Fast


1. Pancho and Lefty
2. Cowboys and Rednecks Like Me
3. She Cain’t
4. It Goes So Fast
5. Give It One More Try
6. Only You
7. Livin’ Happily Ever After
(The Continuing Story of Billy Bob and Charlene)
8. Fairyland Girl
9. Ease My Troubled Mind
10. Gonna Make A Little Time

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Dwain Messer


1. Time Will Pass You By
2. A Little Bit Lonely
3. Fall Back in Love
4. There Is a Light (The Sweetest Sound)
5. I Got You, You Got Me
6. Surrender
7. I Have a Dream
8. Ain’t Made Enough Road
9. You Say You Will, Then You Won’t
10. The Picture in the Mirror